I am an artist working in one of the most difficult domains; music. To create organic growth not only requires a good product, but incredibly taxing and consistent work on marketing. To gain momentum as a musician takes a herculean effort and finding the right assistance seemed almost impossible. After meeting Renee, we developed effective strategies and soon had a viral video on our hands.

Aside from metric success, the thing that stood out to me most about my experience with Renee was her passion and meticulous followthrough. She became as inspired by our projects as I was and in turn that motivated me to push through creative blocks. This was an unforeseen benefit and something that can’t be quantitatively measured. Our working relationship has been ongoing for 3+ years and I only hope I can keep her on the team for as long as possible. Her contributions have exceeded all of my expectations and she would be an invaluable asset to any team or production.