Glass Hamlet

I met Glass Hamlet in May of 2017, just days after the release of his debut album, Author’s Preface and was brought on to his team to reach out to publications. Since that time, I have assumed various roles thorough a number of projects some are highlighted below.

Not Your SPace

Art Direction: Renee Moody
Production Design: Renee Moody
Produced by Renee Moody
Written by Glass Hamlet
Instrumental Production by Austin Fig
Sound Engineering by Ilya Sonet

Our initial plan was to find one animator to work in the style of the video for Ка-тет feat. Oxxxymiron – Машина Прогресса. Instead, we took inspiration from Daniel Johns’ Going on 16. Over the next 10 months, I was tasked with finding over two dozen animators spanning all six inhabitable continents, cutting our source video into sections to assign to them, deciding on a plan for the overall look of the video, giving directions to each member of the team, remaining in contact with the animators until they turned in their final sections, finding replacements for any members who did not complete their assignments and securing permissions for release. I also wrote and sent out press releases and gave an interview with Glodeane Brown from Culture Fancier.

Somebody Else

Cinematography by Elizaveta Luzina
Sound by 
Ilya Sonet
Film produced by 
Renee Moody

When GH found himself in Paris without a cinematographer for a shoot that had to occur within a matter of days, I was asked to find a suitable replacement. Preferably a student. After contacting a number of film students and hearing back from three interested parties, we settled on
Elizaveta Luzina. The video was shot one day early the following week. I subsequently obtained a review by Chelsea Moore of We Earthbound Stars.

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