When everything you’ve worked for, fought for, seems within your grasp, and is suddenly torn away with no chance of retrieval, what do you do? What can you do but live in the void it left behind?

This was going to be the year that I finally got out. I had enough jobs lined up to stop worrying that they would all fall through at once. The funds to pay for several trips. Places to go. People to see. It was all coming together so perfectly that I questioned whether a weekend trip for my birthday was a necessary extravagance. Within weeks of returning, I was confined to my home for the better part of three months. Watching, as we all were, our world change forever.

If I couldn’t go back, there was no option but to move forward.

Instead of focusing on what I had lost, I tried to think about what I had gained and what I wanted to get back. I’d been given a chance to reinvent myself and recreate my life how I wished it to be. The things I valued during that time began to show me the way.

This blog will continue that work.

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